Disney Fariy KINDER Surprise | Disney Super Surprise | Pet Surprise | Smurf Surprise

The new Kinder egg for girls series is really good. With the Chupa Chups you get a Smurfs figurine guaranteed. Disney Super surprise is not as good as the other surprise toys. Pet surprise features pet figurines in capsules with oversized heads.
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Oat King: Big tasty Chocolate, Pure & Yoghurt

There is not a lot of protein in these bars, but you still got some non-sugar carbohydrates. They tastes like muesli. The chocolate version tastes like a cookie.
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Cute Mini Nutella Glasses aka Nutella World

This stuff is normally sold on airports. The serving size is just great, if you want to eat Nutella just once in a while.
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Mentos Mints | Disney The Muppets Candy | Candy Space Gun | Mentos Rainbow

Sugar free mentos now mints strawberry taste strange, the candy inside the space water gun tastes nasty, but the water gun is functional. Disney the Muppets orange hard candy with sherbet powder filling tastes good. Mentos Rainbow tastes very good.
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Angry Birds Card Game (relatively complicated)

This is a card game for 2 to 5 players. This game has a set of rules, which may allow multiple strategies.
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Gummy Eyes | Gummy Cow | Gummy Footballs | Gummy Paint [Trolli]

This is gummy fun from Germany.
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Hello Kitty Chocolate | Hello Kitty Marshmallow Pop | Hello Kitty Candy Airplane

This is Hello Kitty food merchandise. The marshmallow pop looks so cute it’s a shame to eat it.
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Nissin Cup Noodles [Curry, Tomato, Mushrooms]

Tomato tastes good. Mushrooms and curry are not as good as you would expect from Nissin.
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Difference between [Sprite] [Mountain Dew] [Uludağ Gazoz]

Mountain dew is smooth, yellow, with intense lemon taste and with caffeine. Sprite is boring. Uludağ Gazoz looks like sprite, is very smooth and creamy and tastes like bubble gum.
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Baked Potatoes with Chicken Nuggets

The sauce of the potatoes is one of the most awesome things ever tasted on this show. The chicken nuggets are not good.
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