Kinder Surpise Eggs & Truck & Airplane – Part II

The Kinder Surprise Truck is back and Prof. Bun Bun checks out Surprise eggs.
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SUBWAY Sandwiches(3), Cookies(6)

Pulled Pork simply works.
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Kellogg’s Variety Review [Frosties Smacks Corn Flakes]

Smacks is the best.
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IKEA Food and Beer

IKEA also sells Swedish food and Beer.
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Big Beef Raclette Burger [McDonald's Awesomeness]

Super fatty, super tasty, super cheesy – its just awesome.
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How Unicorns Taste Like feat. GoBunBun

GoBunBun eats Unicorn Stuff.
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Gangsta Marshmallow Pigs & HARIBO Cupcakes & more

The pigs are so funny.
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Banana Tic Tac & Container Size

Tic Tac Banana is great.
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Fun Candy: Flash Pop, Giga TicTac, Monster Jawbreaker, Funny Gum

This is a mass candy unboxing. Sorry for the stuff I forgot in the end to unbox.
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KFC Fire Zinger Coleslaw Burger & Chicken Bites

Coleslaw on a burger is distracting but funny.
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