*New* McDonald’s Chicken Wings

This tasty chicken fast food product was newly introduced in in German McDonald’s restaurants.
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Salty Popcorn for the Microwave [McEnnedy LIDL]

This is a product designed for microwave cooking.
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Lego Disney Cars 2 – Ultimate Build Mater

JFT assembles some LEGO.
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Pizza Diavolo – Wagner Steinofen

This is a frozen pizza with pepperoni salami.
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Cooking Episode with Potatoes Wieners Cheese and Eggs

JFT cooks some fancy pan dish.
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Trolli – Waddle Fruit Gums – Watschel Fruchtgummi

These are tasty ducks.
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Bean Boozled Game – Jelly Beans with nasty Flavors

Vomit, rotten Egg and Booger are nasty. You may actually like centipede, if you have no problems with eating insects. The other four ‘nasty’ flavors are quite ok. The best nice flavor is strawberry jam.
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Mello Yello – Citrus flavored Soda

This soft drink tastes like Sprite and contains caffeine.
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Milka Easter Cream Eggs [Löffel Ei - Milchcrème & Kakaocrème]

These are cream filled milk chocolate eggs. There is also a purple spoon on each egg.
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Banana Cream Cookies [DeemaH from Saudi Arabia]

Banana and cookies is a good combination.
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