McDonald’s Salsa Beef & Salsa Chicken

Considering that McDonald’s is a mainstream restaurant these little salsa burger are really burning hot.
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The Simpsons LEGO Minifigures Part II

Lego meets The Simpsons.
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Black Forest Cake Pieces [Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese]

This is a frozen cake. Look here for more information about the tradition of the cake:
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KiMs Snack Chips and Cheese Cannonballs

These are two varieties by Danish snack producer KiMs. The cheese balls are super tasty. The chips are almost to crunchy.
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Müller Corner: Ahoj-Brause & Pie Plant

The pie plant one is fatty, creamy, sour, sweet and intense in flavors. The Ahoj-Brause (sherbet powder) one is extreme food.
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Celebrity Fan Drinks – Heino & Daniela Katzenberger

Heino got a energy drink and Ms. Katzenberger got a grapefruit soda.
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Angry Birds Surprise Chocolate Eggs

These are six big chocolate eggs by Fazer. There are also 2 smaller eggs with a different set of surprise toys.
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Haribo Fan Edition 2014 – Six new Gummybear Flavors

Haribo fans voted these six flavors to be part of the fan edition. Compared to ordinary Haribo gold bears the new ones are far more intense in flavor.
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Chicken Stripes with sweet & sour Sauce

The sauce tastes very good, but the chicken meat tastes strange.
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Happy Meal with Pink Ponys [Filly Butterflies]

These are happy meals with Filly stuff.
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