Gummy Candy in hot Water + Taste Test [Bonus Content]

Gummy candy will melt and liquefy, when dropped into hot water.
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Water Haribo & Taste Test [6 Flavors Guide]

Cupcakes are very special, taste nice but feature some funky off tastes. Jogi Fari tastes nice. Starmix is average Haribo. Haribo Vampire is a fruity liquorice experience. The sour beans are average.
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Sausage Products for Kids

Sausage, sausage spread, sliced sausage for children. Germany got it all.
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Fish Sandwiches and Bagel [Nordsee Restaurant]

“Bismarck” and “Backfischbaguette” are classic German fish sandwiches. The salmon bagel is new.
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San Pellegrino Soda & Mentos

San Pellegrino from Italy is super fruity, super sour and super bitter.
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Wild Apple Beef Burger & Truffle Potato Wedges & Camembert

This is fast food from McDonald’s Germany.
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Pop-up Pirate – Pic’ Pirate – 黒ひげ危機一発 – Klack-Pirat – Pula-pirata

This game even got an official website:
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Green Slime in the Toilet

This slime is a difficult to clean away after use.
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Timmy Time Soups | Stewed Steak [Princes] | Sandwich Spread [Heinz]

Four canned foods, two spreads and one sauce.
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Ultimate Mentos Candy Episode

Mentos products are very different. The best is mentos popins and mentos fruit 3 chewing gum.
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