Kinder Surprise & Friends Advent Calendar 2014

This is the biggest Kinder calendar in 2014 (at least in Germany), it contains 11 Kinder surprise eggs and comes with a functional Christmas cap.
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Rare Twix & Snickers Flavors [Peanut Butter, Almond, Dark Chocolate]

These are awesome flavor variations of famous chocolate bars from the USA.
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French Cheese Souffles by Fol Epi

Warm cheese is tasty.
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Haribo Yogurt Gums: JO`Obst JOGI*FARI

These are yogurt gums by haribo. Jogi Fari features funny animal shapes, but Jo`Obst is clearly the taste winner.
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24 LEGO Star Wars XMAS Toys [Advent Calendar]

These are 24 mini LEGO Star Wars sets. Highlight is the Darth Vader Santa Claus.
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Cookie Dough & Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream [McEnnedy LIDL]

These are value for money versions of cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake ice cream flavors.
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Littlest Pet Shop Toys from HAPPY MEAL

This is my Littlest Pet Shop toy Collection. 2 new from the current Happy meal. Two from a previews unboxing. Two from 2012 (bought on Ebay) and 2 from blind bags. In the end of the Video is a McDonald’s eating.
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German Microwave Schnitzel: Jägerschnitzel Prima Menü

This is tasty German cuisine. Because it’s frozen food it tastes super fresh.
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Monster High Glamour Make Up KIT + Extras

This is food merchandise by Monster High.
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Exceptional Haribo: Hot Sticks – Sour Mango – Ginger Lemon

Haribo is normally known for kids gummy candies. There come two spicy gummy products.
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