McDonalds Burger Eating [Triple Cheeseburger | BBQ Bacon Classic]

The triple cheeseburger is more a meat meal than a burger. The BBQ Classic is for those who like BBQ sauces and has two patties of beef.
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LOL OMG & Dino Eggs

The steel boxes are funny, the content is just little mints. The Dino eggs are a more interesting product.
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Chocolate Gingerbread

These are two houses with chocolate coated ginger bread inside.
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Vodka Ice Pops – Shot Ice Lick it!

Tanks to for sending me this interesting product. These ice pops have 10.5% alcohol in it and the vodka taste is quite intense. The fruit flavors are great.
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Spinner Candy | X-Treme Baby Sucker | Fun Time Candy Springpop

This is hard candy 2.0!
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Fancy Fruit Yogurt [Almighurt Ehrmann]

The fruit stuff they used is super good.
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Ben&Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Cookie Swirl

This ice cream taste like a diary product. It tastes strange in a positive way.
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Girls Party Time Saturday Night Extreme Dancing Party Barbie Monster High

It’s Saturday night party, with Glamour Barbie, Angry Birds Barbie, Frankie Stein from Monster High and Lola from Kinder Chocolate. Besides partying they also unbox 3 Barbie products and 2 Kinder surprise eggs.
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Big HARIBO Calendar

This is a advanced advent calendar with interesting details.
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Kinder Surprise Eggs for KIDS

In this pack there is a chance for the golden Kinder figurine.
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