Bacon Clubhouse Beef & Chicken [McDonald's Germany Burger]

These are burgers with crispy bacon and tasty sauce.
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Japano Toy Toilet Moko Mokolet & Candy Fun Toilet with sour Flush

It’s about Candy and plastic toy toilets. The one from Japan is the most awesome.
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M&M’s 2015 Easter Special [Golden Egg, Dispensers & White Chocolate]

This time Red M and Yellow M are dressed as Easter bunnies and are featured on different products.
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Minions Operation Game

In this game you try to be a minion doctor. The set also contains four exclusive doctor minions.
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Big Manner Review [Mio! Sticks Bunny Wafers CubiDoo]

Mio! Is Hall-of-Fame. Sticks Mignon are excellent. Chocolate Easter Bunnies are very good. Chocolate Wafers are very good. Cubi Doo is generous win.
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Lip Smacker Flavors Coca Cola, Vanilla, FANTA & Mezzo Mix

These are good lip balms. It really smells like the soft drinks.
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Monte Snack | Monte Crunchy | Monte Maxi

Original Monte is just awesome. The Monte snack sponge cake is okay.
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Snacks of the World [Veg Blair Shrimp Burger Vingar Ribs Beef Cheddar]

These are eight snacks from four different countries. Best are the vinegar biscuits.
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PEZ Soft Fruit Gums + New Dispenser

PEZ soft is good stuff. It taste more intense an is less elastic than normal gummy bears. The new dispenser is funny.
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Kidz Sweets from the United Kingdom

This a selection of candies by Swizzels Matlow.
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