The fancy Car of Santa Claus [Hot Wheels Advent Calendar]

Santa Claus drives a sports car, which can drive in every terrain and even fly.
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M&M’s Figure + Bag + Dispenser + Mega-Size and Melting Experiment

M&M’s Chocolate Mega size are really big.
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Angry Birds Advend Calendar & Fancy Playset & ???

First Advent Calendar this year.
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Creepy Candy

Halloween fun never stops.
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Bacon Tower & Cheesy French Fries [KFC]

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Zombie Milk Bottles & Müller Milk Battle [Halloween 2015]

The new Müllermilch Halloween edition tastes not good.
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Mentos PopIns compared to Skittles an Jelly Bellies

Jelly Belly stuff tastes awesome. Mentos Popins are chewy. Skittles are strange.
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Black Halloween WHOPPER

It’s a Whopper with BBQ sauce and a black bun. Tastes pretty much normal.
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Random Chocolate Battle I

Ritter Sport Kakao-Mousse is absolute awesome. It’s Hall of Fame Stuff: Ovomaltine Chocolate is also really nice stuff.
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Kinder Minions – Surprise Eggs Guarantee 4 Packs

Guarantee packs are the way to go, if you want to collect the Kinder minions figurines.
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