Hall ♠ of ♠ Fame

The Junk Food Hall of Fame is the editors choice of food and drink. A Product has to be mind blowing good in order to get in this selection. The tasting pleasure may will differ from person to person, but be assured that all of these products are masterpieces in the history of industrial produced food and drinks.

Name awarded for
Glowing Unicorn Shit The most tasty substance in the Universe.
McDonald’s Big Beef Raclette Burger It’s an awesome experience to eat this burger.
fritz-kola fritz-limo unique flavour, juiciness
Ferrero Round Noir dark chocolate win
Berliner Kindl Jubiläums Pilsener ease without betrayal
Wagner Big Pizza Boston yam yam yam
McDonald’s Hamburger Royal TS perfect meal
Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Pieces superb taste
Müller Müllermilch Schoko Banane simply #1 milk
Nestle Joghurt and Lion cereals crunchy and delicious
Frazer Päärynä (Päron) Vanillini Lakritsi this stuff is mind blowing good
Casali Schoko Bananen (Chocolate Bananas) XL Wildberry a pure pleasure
Müller Fructiv roter Multivitamin intense fruitiness
Zott Zottarella Classic mozzarella pleasure
SchneeKoppe riegel mahlzeit Birne-Apfel unprecedented juiciness in a bar
Champ Muscle Protein Bar unmatched Vanilla Sensation
gold fischli Sesam funny frisch super snack
Haribo Fruity Bussi amazing eating pleasure
Lorenz Erdnuss Ringe, peanut based snack next generation of peanut based snacks
Brandt Micro Minis milch kakao this stuff is one stroke of a genius
Odin Trunk Honigbier von Schloßbräu probably Odin’s choice in beer
Halloween Schaumküsse LIDL nice flavor
Pizza Pollo Ristorante Dr. Oetker perfect composition
Aero Peppermint Green Chocolate, Sisterproduct orange is also very good.
Loacker milk and cereals One of the best bar format chocolates.
LIDL Sondey Neo Kakaocremefüllung This value for money copy exceeds the original in terms of taste.
Loacker GranPasticceria Coconut Crunchy and addictive taste. Extreme coconut feeling.
Bodeta – Monster Mix This is a perfect crossover.
Milka Pasteten-Ei [Milka Pastry Egg] This Egg is a compilation of marzipan, nougat and hazelnut cream and chocolate, in a multi layer structure, pure eating pleasure.
Bresso Antipasti Lachs-Variationen This little fresh cheese pieces are decadent and junkfoody to eat.
Costa Pizza Lachs-Spinat This is an amazing pizza. Intense salmon taste.
Süße Piccolinis Apfel-Vanille [Original Wagner] First there is the nutty taste, than there is the juicy creamy apple, than comes a pleasant soft dough, and than a crunchy base.
Nestlé Choclait Chips white This is pure luxury.
Rostbratwürstchen [Prima Menü] This is the best what came out of my microwave ever!
Goody Good Stuff Cheery Cherries These vegetarian gums are a flavor sensation.
Milka fancy Cake This is a chocolate sensation.
Pizza Cracker One of the best snacks ever. Pizza snacking feeling.
Angry Birds Lollipops This is the best hard candy product ever tasted in this blog.
Müller Fructiv [Orange Passionfruit Guarana] Best orange drink ever reviewed.
Feuerzangenbowle – Original Heinz Rührmann It’s the perfect alcoholic winter drink.
Dr. Quendt Feines Dresdner Konfekt This is German Christmas Candy awesomeness.
American Diner – Classic Side Orders [FrostKrone] This is the American food dream.
Hello Kitty – Jelly Belly Awesome flavor sensations.
nussmart – Honig The perfect crossover between nut and candy. Tastes just addictive.
Giotto Cacao Chocolate Sensation.
Rügenwalder Mühlen Currywurst gegrillt Using a sausage which got actually grilled was an brilliant idea. It tastes just great alongside with the curry sauce.
Müllermilch Select weisse Schocolade & Kokos-Madel Full of intense, pleasant flavors (milk, white chocolate, almond, coconut), which work perfectly together.
Pistachio Ice Cream with White Chocolate [Gelatelli LIDL] Intense pistachio favor and general texture makes this ice cream awesome.
Manner Mio! Hazelnut Complex taste from brittle, chocolate and hazelnut. Excellent and interesting texture.
The Doctor | Citrus Monster Energy Drink designed by Valentino Rossi This Energy Drink is refreshing different than the usual stuff.
Glico Pocky Chocolate Banana It’s like Banana Split ice cream, only as a handy snack.
McB This burger features a tasty Bun, nice sauce and advanced patty.
Ritter Sport Kakao-Mousse This is an absolute chocolate sensation.