Junky cooks a nice Food – Part I

Fast and delicious.
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Disney Decoration & more

This Decoration features Mickey Mouse and friends.
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Some really nasty Sausage

It smells sour and tastes like toilet and is super slimy.
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Big International Candy Food Battle [XMAS Stuff]

Which country got the best Christmas food?
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Gigantic KINDER Advent Calendar

The special surprises in this calendar are surprisingly good.
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Cool Crazy XMAS Candy [Minions, Angry Birds, Gruffalo]

It’s XMAS time.
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WOWBOX by mogmog.us [Japanese Candy Box]

This box features an awesome product selection of the Japanese food industry. Link: https://wowbox.mogmog.us/?utm_source=JunkFoodTaster&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=partner
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Ring XMAS Chocolate Box [Argenta]

This is a round box with awesome chocolates.
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Stuff I found in my Room

Unboxing of stuff.
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Nutella B-ready +++ Snoopy Nutella +++ Snoopy Happy Meal 1999

This is Nutella inside a super crispy coating.
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